Conscientiously Chic

Such a Lucky girl, She is.

Do As One

This article and video on caught my attention because I love any and all organizations that set out to make a positive impact on social consciousness and mental/physical well being.

Do As One is a non-profit with a clear and healthy goal.

The Goal: To serve and connect humanity by establishing a legacy of healthy, conscious breathing.

"The 13 Grand Intentions are Unconditional Love, Nourishment, Peace, Health, Oneness, Harmony, Compassion, Joy, Beauty, Conscious Breathing, Abundance, Gratitude and Forgiveness."

Most of us don’t know how to control our breathing. You would think that this is not something that needs to be learned as it is an essential of living and something that comes naturally to us, but with all of the stresses in our daily lives affecting and constricting our breathing, learning how to inhale and exhale the right way will change you life.

Do As One. Breathe As One. Go forth and be Conscientiously Chic